The St. Bernards of Stoan

Classic Puppy Pictures

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 This shorthaired girl is from our Y litter, sired by the famous Ch. Lynchcreek Ace v. Stoan, HF/PE. His dam is Ch. Stoans Tessie, one of our big smooth girls. Ace is the dog pictured on the cover of our book, St. Bernards from the Stoans Perspective.



 This longhaired boy is also from our Y litter. Interesting sidenote: this litter is a result of frozen semen from Ace, who has been dead for 13 years! Ace was the number one Saint in the nation in the early 90s, as well as the top stud dog in the country. Ain't technology amazing?



 Shown here at the age of 8 weeks are the eight puppies from our "W" litter. They were sired by "Stoan's Act Won of Shadow Mtn" out of the dam "Ch Revilo's Yes Please v Stoan" and whelped on Monday, April 14, 2003. Joan Zielinski and LaDawn Jones were the breeders of this litter.



 This male "W/B" puppy went from Washington State to Louisiana with LaDawn Jones and her two daughters. It spent most of the trip getting in the way of the driver.



 Male "X" puppy (Xander) enjoys a summer day under the watch of St. Francis - [uh....not shown!]



 Loretta G. holds Sunny, a litter of one from Glysa and Arctic Icebreaker.



 Who's cuter -- our granddaughter Brooke, or her new friend Vivian? Vivian is another litter of one, born 9 days prematurely, but catching up just fine!